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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leggo My Logo

In late May, I found the perfect bag that would fit my portfolio. My criterion for the perfect bag was: A. It had to fit my 11x14 portfolio, B. Not force me to hand the sales clerk my lung along with my Amex and C. Have no visible logos. 

I was adamant on finding a bag with no visible logos.  Lets face it logos are so over!  It's all about subtle luxury, as luxury should be subtle. Luxury is something that shouldn't be flaunted, especially in today's economy. Flaunting wealth is tacky. Or should I say flaunting the ability to afford certain pieces tacky. I don't deem anything wrong with purchasing uber-expensive items especially if you have the means to do so, shit why not. Can we agree or do we beg to differ?  

For this reason, I can appreciate brands like Bottega Veneta, who do the complete opposite of say, Gucci or Louis Vuitton.  They concentrate on quality which is more important than splattering their name throughout the bag. If you were not in the know you would be clueless as to whom the name behind the legendary woven bag. Don't get me wrong; I can appreciate certain bags with logos, like classic label Goyard.  

So where did purchase my bag?  Yves Saint Laurent, who can do no wrong in my eyes.  It was a handsome chocolate-pebbled leather tote, which is the type of leather that ages gracefully. No logos, no hoopla just a bag made of great quality and leather.  Another plus was it was on sale!          


ricola said...

Paul! Picture! Please.

saltydogg said...

i do remember seeing Kanye West wearing a YSL t-shirt with a huge YSL logo at the front. haha

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