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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Furry Situation

Fur is amazing; J. Mendel and Fendi make the best furs.  I contemplated purchasing a Mink fur vest from Michael Kors; I loved it.  Although, men in furs can be seen has a major faux pas.  Some despise a man donning fur.  It doesn't bother me as long as the proportions are right.  PETA is going to grow to hate me, soon they'll have a little moniker for me like The Olsen's (aka Trollsons) and I love them even after their recent bad press. Moving along, when it comes to fur men must definitely be easy on color. Let's leave colored and white fur for Limberachi, who was always great in fur, in all his goud-glory. Purchasing fur during these rough economic times may sound mad, but if you have the means for a mink-lined cashmere hoodie or have an extra $9,240 to spend on Otter fur boots at Tom Ford (shown above), I'm not mad at ya.    

So should men wear fur and are Tom Ford's limited edition range of fur boots and accessories out of the question? Are the fur boots a frivolous purchase? Absolutely!  But if you can afford ski-trip to St. Mortiz, Switzerland, maybe these are the boots for you. I wouldn't wear them but I think they're amazing.  

White Badger Fur Hat $4,510
Natural Fur Boots $5,250
Chocolate Brown Kid Fur $5,250

Photos by Luxist


goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

fit celebs said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

L&F said...

cool post on the fur for the season. The hat is so cool and the first pair of boots are sick (as over the top as they are). I like the blogspot, check out

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