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Friday, October 31, 2008

Cam Gigandet is Cool, Relaxed and Chic

Cam Gigandet chose an interesting look for the Crepusculo premiere in Madrid. Wearing an asymmetrical stripped Henley from Yigal's fall/winter 08 collections, lace-less oxfords and loose fitting jeans. The asymmetrical stripped Henley was one of my favorite pieces at Yigal's February runway presentation, besides the hand-knit hooded Marino sweater that almost made me fall onto the runway. I think the Henley fits amazingly on the Twilight star. Although I am partial to a jean with a slimmer fit, I can appreciate the looseness; they look great on him. I think the lace-less oxfords are cool and the fit of his leather jacket is perfect.  A man in a baggy leather jacket is not a good look, ever. I would have liked to see him wear his leather jacket with pushed sleeves, but all in all I think he looks cool, relaxed and comfortable.  

Yigal Azrouel Boutique
408 West 14th Street, NYC
Ask for Christian

Images by Just Jared

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Washing Raw Denim

One of my clients informed me about an A.P.C promotion; they are taking off $50 a new pair of jeans when you drop off your old pair. This tidbit lead me to the A.P.C website; to browse for a new pair of jeans, considering I've worn my Dior Homme jeans to holes, literally, I can use a new pair. No? Whilst browsing their collection, I came across denim-washing recipes.  I thought it was a genius idea.  I get so many questions regarding how to properly wash raw denim. 

In July a year had gone since I purchased my Dior Homme's and it was time to wash my favorite pair. I've read about a technique that recommends you wear your raw denim as you immerse yourself in lukewarm water for a half hour with light detergent. I know it sounds a bit mad but it worked well. When it was time to dry them, I let them sun dry on my body; thank god it was a hot July afternoon. Attempting that technique on a day like today would be sadistic. As the denim dried it started to take my bodies shape. 

After reading APC's four denim-washing recipes, I noticed my technique wasn't so mad after all. With the exception of letting them dry on the body, it does sound a bit extreme. Click on the link below to read about A.P.C's infamous denim-washing techniques.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Furry Situation

Fur is amazing; J. Mendel and Fendi make the best furs.  I contemplated purchasing a Mink fur vest from Michael Kors; I loved it.  Although, men in furs can be seen has a major faux pas.  Some despise a man donning fur.  It doesn't bother me as long as the proportions are right.  PETA is going to grow to hate me, soon they'll have a little moniker for me like The Olsen's (aka Trollsons) and I love them even after their recent bad press. Moving along, when it comes to fur men must definitely be easy on color. Let's leave colored and white fur for Limberachi, who was always great in fur, in all his goud-glory. Purchasing fur during these rough economic times may sound mad, but if you have the means for a mink-lined cashmere hoodie or have an extra $9,240 to spend on Otter fur boots at Tom Ford (shown above), I'm not mad at ya.    

So should men wear fur and are Tom Ford's limited edition range of fur boots and accessories out of the question? Are the fur boots a frivolous purchase? Absolutely!  But if you can afford ski-trip to St. Mortiz, Switzerland, maybe these are the boots for you. I wouldn't wear them but I think they're amazing.  

White Badger Fur Hat $4,510
Natural Fur Boots $5,250
Chocolate Brown Kid Fur $5,250

Photos by Luxist

Friday, October 24, 2008

Would Elvis Approve?

I was looking through Gilt Groupe's sample sale for Barker Black and came across a handsome pair of plain-toe lace-ups in Colbalt suede. It's a great fall shoe. Try them with a pair of skinnies, preferably blue raw denim, a white collared shirt and a herringbone vest. Since we have approached windy October days in New York, I'd recommmend wearing on a black leather jacket and a navy scarf. Great outfit for meeting friends for a Friday happy hour at the Mercer. Elvis would totally approve!

Made in the United Kingdom 
Gilt Price:     $328.00
Original Price: $800.00

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joshua Jackson Knits It Right

Knit ties are one of those cool pieces that can go wrong very easy and before you know it, you look like the biggest tool.  Their is nothing worst than looking like you are trying too hard. Knit ties are great, although I wouldn't wear one, I can appreciate when someone wears one well. Joshua Jackson is a prime example of how to make a knit tie work. Not only he is wearing the knit tie well but the over all look is so well executed.  The fit of his suit is amazing and the Prada brogues are gorg.  Take note of the plaid shirt, not an obvious choice, most men have chosen a solid color. The plaid shirt and grey vest adds a little something extra to his simple black suit.  So well done Joshua! 

Photo by Just Jared

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chace is a V Man

V Man has released images of their latest cover boy, Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford for their first ever winter issue, shot by Mario Testino.  I almost did not recognize him with his up-do.  The D&G tartan jacket is amazing! I love the satin shawl collar. The way the bow tie works with the tartan jacket is perfection. Whether you wear it with tuxedo trousers or jeans; I am sure you will be the best-dressed man in the room.

Shirt, Bow tie, and Jacket all D&G 

D&G Boutique New York
SOHO, 434 West Broadway
Red Tartan Jacket: $1,195

New York Falls Into A Chill

I had a meeting downtown this afternoon and it was a rather windy and brisk day in New York, loves it. Give me a brisk day over New York during the summer; it's the last place I want to be in July. New York in the fall is at its best, the foliage, cashmere, leather, suede, and fur (get over it PETA!) Fall gives you options. With a day like today, it's time to break out cashmere and wool. If you have not been on you must see this cashmere, wool, and down vest by Bamford and Sons, it's amazing!  The vest is filled with Goose Down and has leather trimmings on the pockets and collar. Oh the luxuries that fall bring. An added plus are the internal pockets for your cell phone and Ipod. Zenga manufactures the wool and cashmere of this handsome vest, so expect a made in Italy tag. FYI, they produce and distribute worldwide for the Tom Ford label, so you know you are getting good shit folks.

To purchase this item click on the "Shop at Gilt" link found in the shopping section.

Happy Shopping!

Bamford and Sons Vest
Gilt Price:  $728

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The lovely people of have set up a VIP link to shop on their website.  Look for the link under "Shopping."  Once you fill out the form, you'll be clicks away from becoming a member to and have access to there amazing sales.


Wed, 10/22 @ 12 EST
Chip and Pepper

Thurs, 10/23 @12 EST
Barker Black Shoes 

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lets Vote Better!

I read this snippet on Fashion Week Daily's Chic Report. Interview's Fabion Barren says he can vote better than, "Half of America."  Let's show him and the rest of the World that WE WANT A CHANGE!

Sorry to get political but I'm a bit exhausted from the awful decline in America's economy!  Let's make a change people. Go vote and do it in Dior, because that's what I'll be doing!

Sample Sales

Hey Guys,

I have been informed about a sample sale tomorrow at 17 Battery Place, 5th floor. What designers do you ask? Gianfranco Ferre, Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Malo, Costume National. My partner in crime attended the friends and family private sale this morning.  He says, "They have good shit." He also says the shoes were "amazing" and the furs were "sick."  If you witness someone fighting over a Costume National suit, it's probably me. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to begin Christmas shopping.  

Another great way to shop for Christmas is by purchasing at Gilt Groupe.  Don't roll your eyes whilst reading about anything Christmas saying, "It's not even Halloween yet!" Before you know it you will be rushing to New Jersey malls for last minute shopping. You'll have a great time gagging at shoppers in Juicy Sweats and Ugg boots!  

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hey Guys,

There is another round of sales at If you are not a member of the Gilt Groupe, email me at  Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, 10/15 @ 12 Noon EST
Ted Baker Shoes

Thursday, 10/16 @ 12 Noon EST

Friday, 10/17 @ 12 Noon EST
Tomas Maier 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Be Cool and Warm in Knits

Whilst going through my bosses Marie Claire I discovered Guy Spy, a page compiled to show trends in menswear. According to Marie Claire, "It Boys" wear knits.  If you ask me, it's always been about knits. They can be worn all year round, except on those New York summer days that are so hot you feel as if someone has sold your soul to Hades. Knits are those special pieces in your closet that elevate your average jeans and tee. Take a look at Pharrell; his cardigan takes him from NYU freshman to member of the Augusta National Golf Club. In great shades, like red, totally up your style-ante (see Ashton.) 

Great knits can be found anywhere; it doesn't have to be Loro Piana or Brunello Cucinelli, as lovely as owning one or a few might sound. Check out J. Crew they do an excellent job with knitwear especially cashmere, as they purchase theirs through Loro Piana, natch.    

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leggo My Logo

In late May, I found the perfect bag that would fit my portfolio. My criterion for the perfect bag was: A. It had to fit my 11x14 portfolio, B. Not force me to hand the sales clerk my lung along with my Amex and C. Have no visible logos. 

I was adamant on finding a bag with no visible logos.  Lets face it logos are so over!  It's all about subtle luxury, as luxury should be subtle. Luxury is something that shouldn't be flaunted, especially in today's economy. Flaunting wealth is tacky. Or should I say flaunting the ability to afford certain pieces tacky. I don't deem anything wrong with purchasing uber-expensive items especially if you have the means to do so, shit why not. Can we agree or do we beg to differ?  

For this reason, I can appreciate brands like Bottega Veneta, who do the complete opposite of say, Gucci or Louis Vuitton.  They concentrate on quality which is more important than splattering their name throughout the bag. If you were not in the know you would be clueless as to whom the name behind the legendary woven bag. Don't get me wrong; I can appreciate certain bags with logos, like classic label Goyard.  

So where did purchase my bag?  Yves Saint Laurent, who can do no wrong in my eyes.  It was a handsome chocolate-pebbled leather tote, which is the type of leather that ages gracefully. No logos, no hoopla just a bag made of great quality and leather.  Another plus was it was on sale!          
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