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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joe Jonas Styles on Melrose

Teenage girls and some boys are Burnin' Up for The Jonas Brothers. Although I'm not Burnin' Up for their music, they do have an amazing sense of style.  To style them; must be such a pleasure. I love the fact they aren't wearing tattered jeans and slogan tees. You know the obnoxious type that reads lovely quotes like, "Don't Touch My Nuts," with two silly cartoon-like squirrels underneath the quote. Ugh! Whilst shopping at the Christian Audigier store on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, the eldest of the trio Joe Jonas opted for a trim grey suit with velvet Bordeaux detailing, red-stripped tee and red wing-tip. He looks amazing!  I love the pushed up sleeves look. The best part about this ensemble is he doesn't appear like he is trying too hard.    

Source: Just Jared


designerman said...

thanks for the comment on my site. good to hear from you!

Ryan Mac said...

No problem Richard! Always a pleasure!

we could grow up together said...

those jonas boys have great taste in shoes, or their stylists do>?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on richard's site indeed...hee* You are a lovely hard core fan of his site dear... Anyhow,I agree with you... They have great style indeed, but their music...errr... The girls seem to adore & worship them though. Anyhow, I've never understoodd a blogger who respond to comments in their own blog? Why is that??
Oh well... do what you have to do... it's your blog afterall.

Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

Do you always answer/reply comments in your own blog? Hmmm...??? I'm afraid to even ask why? Are you really desperate to have comment the numbers will look better than 0?
Anyway, those Jonas boys do have great sense of style... My feeling they will soon have their own fashion line/label... mark my words!

hope u r happy now; comment will be 5 now plus your replies...hmm 6/7 comments now??? Whatever dude!

take it easy ok...peace!

Ryan Mac said...

I think they have a sense of style. I'm sure their stylist does help some

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