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Monday, September 29, 2008

Marc Jacobs Sale

Whilst shopping in SoHo yesterday I walked passed the Marc Jacobs boutique on Mercer Street.  I looked around; of course wanted to buy one of everything, how could you not? And stumbled upon two bins with 100% cashmere thermals for $50.  I almost lost my mind! You can't find cashmere sweaters for $50 at J. Crew.  It was the perfect sale to build your winter wardrobe. Get it before it's gone! 

Ask for Jerry.

Marc Jacobs
163 Mercer Street

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Yeah 100% isn't 100% these days...
believe me they make some profits even @ that price! do you know the factory cost? Glad that u r thrilled abt it though... 100%cashmere is always fab!

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