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Friday, September 26, 2008

Manners Are Tres Chic

When discussing style people don't instinctively think about the little things, the sort of things that make a man a gentleman.  I am talking about manners.  It's always nice for a man to be well dressed but to be so with manners is a plus.  A few weeks ago a friend asked if I would able to write a letter of recommendation for him.  I said yes of course and mailed the letter.  Whilst shifting through this afternoon's mail, I shift pass a lovely gold envelope. I open the envelope, praying it wasn't a wedding invite, and see a hand-written thank you note.  He wrote a thank you note for the recommendation letter I had written.  Hand-written thank you notes are not only courteous but also chic.  It is a chic little habit everyone should adopt. They are also great to send after interviews. I had an issue with the Burberry store on 57th and 5th in New York, the alteration manager was amazing in rectifying the matter, and so I sent a hand-written note.  Everyone is so accustomed to sending and receiving thank you emails; to receive one is so refreshing, more personal. Being chic is not only about your appearance; the little things like manners count too.  Being chic is a lifestyle.


ricola said...

I too am a fan of the hand written thank you. Good to know that there are more people out there who remember their etiquette.

Ryan Mac said...

Thank you Ricola same here

Jacek said...

Great post. For me hand written thank you is also about respect to somebody - not only chic.

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