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Monday, August 4, 2008

Seize Your Collar

Owning a pair of collar stiffeners or stays is one of the chicest accessories a man can own next to cufflinks.  Collar stiffeners are made from a variety of materials like plastic, brass, sterling silver, and mother of pearl.  The problem with plastic stiffeners is that they are easily breakable and do not stabilize the collars points like sterling or steel stiffeners.  I recommend investing in a good pair.  Sterling stiffeners add a little weight to the collar that ensures they lay flat against the collarbone, making your collar crisp and motionless. When looking to invest in a pair of stiffeners you must make sure that the edges are rounded and polished so they will not damage your shirt.  

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus joined with Stayclip to provide collar stays to its clientele.  Stayclip provides 8 pairs of stiffeners made from brushed steel, titanium, and polished steel.  If mother of pearl is more you style, Seize sur Vingt makes a beautiful pair of stiffeners made from Australian mother of pearl, crafted in Italy.  The best part about these stiffeners is you will not have to worry about being detained at the airport because you have set off the metal detectors.   

Price:  $45 for Mother of Pearl

Price:  $25 for Brushed Steel
$65 for Titanium 
$27.50 for Polish Steel


designerman said...

mother of pearl anything is lovely...and i love the idea of collar stays in m.o.p.

a secret luxury!

Ryan said...

I think thats the best part about the mother of pearl stays, the secret luxury. Mother of Pearl is lovely!

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