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Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Off Track"

Don't you hate when you receive your magazine subscriptions after the news stands? I swear I was tempted to purchase GQ's damn September issue before I received it in the mail!  Everyday I would pass by a newsstand and say, "I hope that issue is in the bloody mail box!" I finally got it in the mail Saturday.  Late, I know, actually very late. Was I the only one? Anyway, while reading GQ's September issue I came cross Glenn O' Brien's monthly sartorial conundrums, it reads:

"A Croix de Gerre or Legion d' Honneur?  A top hot and monocle? Let's face it, gentlemen, a tracksuit is only suitable on the track... Tracksuits and sweats worn at leisure of perhaps for air travel signal given up completely on appearance and only seek comfort.  It's an ugly American attitude..."

I cannot begin to tell you how long I've been saying this for!  They are called sweats for a reason.  If you aren't going to partake in any activities where you would actually be sweating, don't wear it, and stop the madness.  It's like wearing a swimsuit to a wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral; you're not going swimming so why wear it? Not even during a baptism! You are not going to run laps at your local Whole Foods, so why wear sweats?  Now you'll say what if you went running prior?  Spare me; I've heard that one already at a dinner party. What happened to the time when women wore full-on ball gowns to dinner parties?  And the men, did they ever look better, perfectly tailored suits with pocket squares and polished oxfords with the best crisp white shirts in town.  I understand times have changed blah blah blah, but can we at least get to the essence of that notion? So what if we are just going to the post office, or just picking up the dry cleaning, look presentable while doing so.   Not like a hung-over frat boy.  

Illustration by:
Richard Haines at What I Saw Today

Thank you Richard! 


Anonymous said...

weird. i always get my gq much earlier than the stands. well, i was always under the impression that the stands get them close to the beginning of the month. then again, i never really go to a magazine stand anyway.

Ryan Mac said...

It does not happen often but it happens.

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