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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Have you ever felt you were born in the wrong decade?  I believe I overdosed at Studio 54 and was reincarnated in the 80's. Whenever I look at images from the 60's and 70's and see how people dressed; I always feel nostalgic. Everyone dressed impeccably then.  These people had style for your nerves. We have become far too lax in our appearance.  Let's put the blame on the invention of sweat pants. I curse the day you were born!   

Take a look at the picture above of British actor Malcolm McDowell circa 1973.  He was just having a smoke on the beach. When was the last time you went out for dinner and saw a man dressed this well? A few days ago, I ran into an acquaintance in NYC and he wore cargo shorts and tennis shoes, for dinner. Could you die? Anyway, back to Malcolm McDowell and his wonderful jacket.  The fit is perfection and the fact that it's belted, is even better.  It's all about the details with coats and jackets.  Are you in love with the leather buttons on the epaulets and outside pockets? Take a look at the side-button trousers? They're great! The turtleneck is so fresh and so clean. His feet were cropped in this image and I'm curious on the style of shoe he chose. 

Robert Redford looks so damn cool relaxing on the beach. The color combinations are great! The navy corduroy trousers, purple jersey collared shirt and the Cognac and taupe lace-ups. Those are a great pair of shoes! Love how he matched his socks and shoes perfectly! Yet they do not look contrived. The detailing on his brown belt is sick!

I hope everyone is inspired by these images. Has anyone noticed the vintage Christian Dior bag next to Robert Redford? I think it makes that image more interesting.


Alisa Marie said...

I agree - style for your nerves! Both McDowell & Redford look so chic but it seems to have come naturally to them. I think it was jeans - plain old jeans that got people dressing so casual. Sweatpants? Never ever should be seen in public. UGGS for girls? When you go into a shoe store with your girlfriend, hide the UGGS. You will save a mil fashion mistakes. Great post brotha.

Ryan Mac said...

Thank you! UGGs deserve their own post they are the worst! People see Paris Hilton and all those girls wearing UGGs like its a major fashion statement when it is just a major fashion faux pas! McDowell and Redford look effortlessly chic! Nothing appeared contrived about there outfits! I have to agree with you it is the denim that has people dressing more casual.


...will b back to read more, good info! Feel free to visit me as well & hope u do say hi.
I'm in Richard Haines support blogs...& was facinated by your golden safety pin, luv it!


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