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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chanel Fall Menswear

While most of us probably could not afford any of these pieces without handing the sales clerk your Amex and a lung, you can't help but admire the tiny capsule collection Kaiser Karl designed for Chanel's fall/winter 08 collections.  The menswear looks are very Chanel and complement the established womenswear.  Karl's take on Chanel's fall 08 collection was "Classic for a new generation."  This collection was just that- simple, classic, and modern yet not boring.  The color and cut of the above jacket is perfection.  The navy is not too dark, yet light enough where it is impossible to be confused for black.  The pieces in the above look and the rest of the men's capsule collection can be dressed up or down.

I'm quite fond of this look.  We're seeing a resurgence of fingerless gloves for fall 08.  Karl is a fan of fingerless gloves and this pair in grey is delightful.  This is a great topcoat, although very simple, I enjoy the detailing the black trim collar, interior pockets, and hidden buttons.  This coat is strong, sexy and elegant.  

Karl wanted this collection to be without the bells and whistles. Again, all the details are simple and subtle.  The tailoring is impeccable, as one would expect from Chanel.  I love structured jackets. Like the grey  topcoat, this jacket has no buttons.  The pockets edges are distressed and frayed, making it somewhat "unpretentious."

Ryan Mac
Images by British Vogue

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