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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing 08 Olympics Summer Style

If you could use one word to describe the US ensembles for the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony what would it be? I will tell you mine, boring.   I was especially bored with the US when I saw how chic The Netherlands were; in their light-colored grey suits with white piping and marigold neckties.  What did the Americans wear? Ralph Lauren white collared shirts and trousers with a navy blazer and stripped tie with newsboy caps.  The newsboy caps were a great touch, I must say.  Did those navy blazers really need Ralph Lauren's embroidered Polo on the front? Do not get me wrong, I like the look for Sunday Brunch in East Hampton or Golf.  This is the Summer Olympics we are talking about!  The British and the Irish were two peas in a boring pod. The Brits wearing black collared shirts and trousers with a white jacket accessorized with a white and the Irish in ill-fitting beige suits and collared shirts.  

The Netherlands


United Kingdom


Thank the Heavens for the Swiss because they were worse of than the US, UK, and Ireland. Don't you think they looked as if they were going to Great Adventures or Disney World? Vans inspired trainers, below the knee Chinese red shorts and a red decorative beige polo.  Does that not scream Magic Mountain?  Team Australia must have been inspired by McQueen's spring/summer 09 collections; with their lackluster ashy navy trousers and ombre zip-ups.

Swiss Delegation 


Tres chic were the French in grey jackets with white collared shirts, black tie and trousers; accessorized with black-banded white fedoras and ribbon belts with the French colors.  The Germans were darling in their white shirts and trousers, grey blazers with matching D-ring belt and white pocket square. 




Commentarii said...

I believe that you have mistaken the Swiss delegation for the Canadians. That seems to be the usually savvy Roger Federer forced into one of those outfits which is comic whether worn by un canadien or a swiss tennis player.

Paul Pincus said...

really terrific smart post.


Ryan Mac said...

That is the Swiss you are absolutely right!

Ryan Mac said...

Thank you Paul. Glad you enjoyed it!

Commentarii said...

A wonderful post never the less!

Ryan Mac said...

Much appreciated! Thank you for coming back!

MR style said...

im lovin the netherlands clothes, especially the people wearin them and the french delegation seems cute and effortlessly chic ! cute blog

Ryan Mac said...

Thank you Mr. Style. The Netherlands ensemble were amazing! I love the marigold ties so not an obvious choice. I enjoyed the French Delegation choice as well. Im glad you enjoyed my blog.

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