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Friday, August 29, 2008

Are you a BLUETOOL?

Occasionally an invention is created that is genius in theory, but used obnoxiously. Remember Nextel; before Sprint purchased the company they had those walkie-talkie cell phones. It's a great idea until taken to a level of obnoxiousness.  No one needs to hear how last nights Mac & Cheese ran through you. I've actually heard that convo before.  Am I the only one that thinks hearing a whole convo one the bus or while shopping at Club Monaco is obnoxious and tacky? Thank goodness for iPods!  

The next invention to take its place on the obnoxiousness meter is the Bluetooth. They are the most hideous things ever invented. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about them. If one uses them whilst driving, which was there soul purpose, no problem.  If you do not drive or aren't driving at the moment why use it?  It's like using a spatula as a shoehorn.  

In the know + tell section of Details September issue, they have a name for this type of individual; the Bluetooth abusers are called Bluetools.  It is a noun to describe "a person who wears a Bluetooth earpiece at any time other than driving." How appropriate!  I've always called them tool-jobs or tools but Bluetool is more fitting. How many times have you seen someone blue toothing whilst walking or wearing one on the bus?  Just this week on my way home from work someone was blue toothing on the bus. I had the sudden urge to smack it out of her ear.  I mean really, she was on the bus wearing a Bluetooth, why? Someone contact Merriam-Webster and request a bluetool entry!


Dapper Kid said...

Eurrrgh, totally agree with you, I HATE bluetools!! (love that name btw haha)

Ryan Mac said...

Thanks. They are so annoying! Do you notice a lot of Bluetools in London? Bluetool is a great name!

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