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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cash's American Style

A well-dressed individual at the airport is like a breath of fresh air.  I'm positive everyone can relate.  When I saw images of Cash Warren at LAX I was able to breath easy. How many times have you held your breath at the sight of Crocs and Hawaiian shorts? Countless I'm sure, especially if you live in the States. Cash's spiffy boat-shoes, slim-fit khakis, sleeveless navy sweater, plaid collard shirt and aviators, reek Americana.  His trousers are the perfect fit.  See, khakis don't have to look like your neighbor's boxy khaki trousers. This is a great look, simple, easy and comfortable enough to travel in.  What more can you ask for?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Are you a BLUETOOL?

Occasionally an invention is created that is genius in theory, but used obnoxiously. Remember Nextel; before Sprint purchased the company they had those walkie-talkie cell phones. It's a great idea until taken to a level of obnoxiousness.  No one needs to hear how last nights Mac & Cheese ran through you. I've actually heard that convo before.  Am I the only one that thinks hearing a whole convo one the bus or while shopping at Club Monaco is obnoxious and tacky? Thank goodness for iPods!  

The next invention to take its place on the obnoxiousness meter is the Bluetooth. They are the most hideous things ever invented. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about them. If one uses them whilst driving, which was there soul purpose, no problem.  If you do not drive or aren't driving at the moment why use it?  It's like using a spatula as a shoehorn.  

In the know + tell section of Details September issue, they have a name for this type of individual; the Bluetooth abusers are called Bluetools.  It is a noun to describe "a person who wears a Bluetooth earpiece at any time other than driving." How appropriate!  I've always called them tool-jobs or tools but Bluetool is more fitting. How many times have you seen someone blue toothing whilst walking or wearing one on the bus?  Just this week on my way home from work someone was blue toothing on the bus. I had the sudden urge to smack it out of her ear.  I mean really, she was on the bus wearing a Bluetooth, why? Someone contact Merriam-Webster and request a bluetool entry!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Off Track"

Don't you hate when you receive your magazine subscriptions after the news stands? I swear I was tempted to purchase GQ's damn September issue before I received it in the mail!  Everyday I would pass by a newsstand and say, "I hope that issue is in the bloody mail box!" I finally got it in the mail Saturday.  Late, I know, actually very late. Was I the only one? Anyway, while reading GQ's September issue I came cross Glenn O' Brien's monthly sartorial conundrums, it reads:

"A Croix de Gerre or Legion d' Honneur?  A top hot and monocle? Let's face it, gentlemen, a tracksuit is only suitable on the track... Tracksuits and sweats worn at leisure of perhaps for air travel signal given up completely on appearance and only seek comfort.  It's an ugly American attitude..."

I cannot begin to tell you how long I've been saying this for!  They are called sweats for a reason.  If you aren't going to partake in any activities where you would actually be sweating, don't wear it, and stop the madness.  It's like wearing a swimsuit to a wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral; you're not going swimming so why wear it? Not even during a baptism! You are not going to run laps at your local Whole Foods, so why wear sweats?  Now you'll say what if you went running prior?  Spare me; I've heard that one already at a dinner party. What happened to the time when women wore full-on ball gowns to dinner parties?  And the men, did they ever look better, perfectly tailored suits with pocket squares and polished oxfords with the best crisp white shirts in town.  I understand times have changed blah blah blah, but can we at least get to the essence of that notion? So what if we are just going to the post office, or just picking up the dry cleaning, look presentable while doing so.   Not like a hung-over frat boy.  

Illustration by:
Richard Haines at What I Saw Today

Thank you Richard! 

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Have you ever felt you were born in the wrong decade?  I believe I overdosed at Studio 54 and was reincarnated in the 80's. Whenever I look at images from the 60's and 70's and see how people dressed; I always feel nostalgic. Everyone dressed impeccably then.  These people had style for your nerves. We have become far too lax in our appearance.  Let's put the blame on the invention of sweat pants. I curse the day you were born!   

Take a look at the picture above of British actor Malcolm McDowell circa 1973.  He was just having a smoke on the beach. When was the last time you went out for dinner and saw a man dressed this well? A few days ago, I ran into an acquaintance in NYC and he wore cargo shorts and tennis shoes, for dinner. Could you die? Anyway, back to Malcolm McDowell and his wonderful jacket.  The fit is perfection and the fact that it's belted, is even better.  It's all about the details with coats and jackets.  Are you in love with the leather buttons on the epaulets and outside pockets? Take a look at the side-button trousers? They're great! The turtleneck is so fresh and so clean. His feet were cropped in this image and I'm curious on the style of shoe he chose. 

Robert Redford looks so damn cool relaxing on the beach. The color combinations are great! The navy corduroy trousers, purple jersey collared shirt and the Cognac and taupe lace-ups. Those are a great pair of shoes! Love how he matched his socks and shoes perfectly! Yet they do not look contrived. The detailing on his brown belt is sick!

I hope everyone is inspired by these images. Has anyone noticed the vintage Christian Dior bag next to Robert Redford? I think it makes that image more interesting.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Are The Market

Hey Guys,

Remember the post I wrote a few days ago regarding a menswear blog that I would guest edit? It's a cool blog called We Are The Market. My first post for We Are The Marketis on the J. Crew's men's shop opening this Thursday, in New York's Tribeca.  This is great for menswear especially after DNR News reported men's apparel sales rose 2.1 percent while women's sales have dropped to 3.8 percent over the past year.  

I will be working on a few posts once a week with BPWM, who own We Are The Market.  Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey Guys,

Tomorrow starts another round of menswear sales at! If you are not member of, email me for an invite at  Happy Shopping!

Tuesday 8/19 @ 12 Noon EST
Tomas Maier & Acne Jeans

Wednesday 8/20 @ 12 Noon EST
Filippa K

Thursday 8/21 @ 12 Noon EST
Alfred Dunhill

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posting I've had a hectic week with meetings and trying to squeeze in that Barneys Sale, which was a disappointment for me.  I did not find a damn thing!  Which could possibly be a blessing in disguise.  One of my meetings was to discuss details on guest editing a fashion blog.  I will keep everyone abreast on those details within the next coming days.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Barneys Warehouse Sale

Anyone who is familiar with the Barneys Warehouse sale knows you can get the best deals there.  Discounts from 50-70% off, who can beat that!  Two years ago I bought my favorite Dior high-tops for half off.  They were a tad big but I will do almost anything for a killer shoe and anything Hedi Slimane.  If you are in New York the Barneys Warehouse Sale begins tomorrow Thursday, August 14- September 1st. The LA Sale already started but you still have a chance to catch a few deals. The LA Sale ends on August 17th.  So hurry up if you're in LA.  For those eyeing the Lanvin high-tops that have been on every mans wish list, they've been on mine, maybe you can snag a pair without worrying about not having electricity until the following pay day.  

Click on the post title for additional details.

Happy Shopping

Cuff It Up?

Gossip Girls bad boy Ed Westwick was photographed at LAX wearing cuffed burgundy slim slacks, ashy-black suede Gucci loafers, a white v-neck and a black satin-trimmed dinner jacket.  For starters, the satin-trimmed dinner jacket is a handsome one.  It's a piece a man should own at one point in his life. No? Moving along, my eyes get diverted to his slacks and their severe cuffs.  I'm ambivalent about the cuffs with this particular outfit.  This is a great outfit and beats the usual plethora of sweats and crocs that have blinded us all at airports across America.  I will not begin to discuss airport ensembles on this post it deserves its own post. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing 08 Olympics Summer Style

If you could use one word to describe the US ensembles for the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony what would it be? I will tell you mine, boring.   I was especially bored with the US when I saw how chic The Netherlands were; in their light-colored grey suits with white piping and marigold neckties.  What did the Americans wear? Ralph Lauren white collared shirts and trousers with a navy blazer and stripped tie with newsboy caps.  The newsboy caps were a great touch, I must say.  Did those navy blazers really need Ralph Lauren's embroidered Polo on the front? Do not get me wrong, I like the look for Sunday Brunch in East Hampton or Golf.  This is the Summer Olympics we are talking about!  The British and the Irish were two peas in a boring pod. The Brits wearing black collared shirts and trousers with a white jacket accessorized with a white and the Irish in ill-fitting beige suits and collared shirts.  

The Netherlands


United Kingdom


Thank the Heavens for the Swiss because they were worse of than the US, UK, and Ireland. Don't you think they looked as if they were going to Great Adventures or Disney World? Vans inspired trainers, below the knee Chinese red shorts and a red decorative beige polo.  Does that not scream Magic Mountain?  Team Australia must have been inspired by McQueen's spring/summer 09 collections; with their lackluster ashy navy trousers and ombre zip-ups.

Swiss Delegation 


Tres chic were the French in grey jackets with white collared shirts, black tie and trousers; accessorized with black-banded white fedoras and ribbon belts with the French colors.  The Germans were darling in their white shirts and trousers, grey blazers with matching D-ring belt and white pocket square. 



Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey Guys,

Here are Sales for the week.

J. Lindeberg- Tues. 8/12 @ 12 PM EST
Lambertson Truex Accessories- Wed. 8/13 @ 12 PM EST
Loomstate- Thurs. 8/14 @ 12PM EST 

If you are not a member email me at and I will happily forward an invite to you.  Happy Shopping!

Ryan Mac
Above photo Loomstate Men's

Sweeney Depp Accessorizes

I came across this image of Johnny Depp on and my first thought was he looks awesome.  This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp looks.   I'll admit, it's personally not my taste, but that does not mean this is not a great look.  I can't imagine anyone else wearing this ensemble.  Johnny owns this.  I love the high-waist tweed trousers with the thin brown belt.   Notice how dark and rich his black pocket is. At first, I thought the chain around his belt loop was a wallet chain but at fronts view it appears to be a watch chain.  I could be wrong.  Either way this "chain" adds un je ne sais quoi to his look.  He wore this same suit to the Sweeney Todd London Premiere in London but chose not to don the chain or fedora.  I prefer this look opposed to the London Premiere; it's amazing the added touch accessories can do for an outfit.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Brown & Grey Does So Work

People have looked at me as if I was mad whenever I have suggested to pair brown shoes (or variations of) with grey trousers and suits.  Most run to their favorite black shoe.  What is great about grey suits and trousers is their versatility; they look great with brown or grey shoes.  Actor Chris Diamantopoulos confirms my theory! Chris attended a dinner for Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, wearing a perfectly tailored two-buttoned grey suit with terracotta lace-ups.  

Ryan Mac  

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chanel Fall Menswear

While most of us probably could not afford any of these pieces without handing the sales clerk your Amex and a lung, you can't help but admire the tiny capsule collection Kaiser Karl designed for Chanel's fall/winter 08 collections.  The menswear looks are very Chanel and complement the established womenswear.  Karl's take on Chanel's fall 08 collection was "Classic for a new generation."  This collection was just that- simple, classic, and modern yet not boring.  The color and cut of the above jacket is perfection.  The navy is not too dark, yet light enough where it is impossible to be confused for black.  The pieces in the above look and the rest of the men's capsule collection can be dressed up or down.

I'm quite fond of this look.  We're seeing a resurgence of fingerless gloves for fall 08.  Karl is a fan of fingerless gloves and this pair in grey is delightful.  This is a great topcoat, although very simple, I enjoy the detailing the black trim collar, interior pockets, and hidden buttons.  This coat is strong, sexy and elegant.  

Karl wanted this collection to be without the bells and whistles. Again, all the details are simple and subtle.  The tailoring is impeccable, as one would expect from Chanel.  I love structured jackets. Like the grey  topcoat, this jacket has no buttons.  The pockets edges are distressed and frayed, making it somewhat "unpretentious."

Ryan Mac
Images by British Vogue

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

James Perse Sale

James Perse known for his minimalist aesthetic and high quality basics is having a sale on tomorrow 12 Noon. If you are not a member email me at and I will send you an invite. I am sure his pieces will sell out very fast so get it while it's hot! 

Ryan Mac

Banana's Heritage Resemblance

I occasionally shop Banana Republic's Heritage collection. It's the only thing that fits me in that store. The way they cut there pieces falls sort of boxy on small frames. But anyway, while browsing the collection I noticed they had this handsome military coat that had a resemblance to Burberry Prorsum Fall 08 jacket I blogged about a few weeks ago.  There are differences between the two; for example, the lapel collar, looped epaulets and exterior pockets.  Despite the differences between the Burberry Prorsum and Heritage jacket it's still worth making a trip to your local Banana Republic store.

Price: $250

Ryan Mac

Daniel Craig is James Bond-tastic

Ever wonder why Daniel Craig was #1 on the British GQ Best-Dressed Man of 2008 List? How about his Vanity Fair nomination as one of the Internationally Best-Dressed Men of 2008? The new James Bond should have put any questions to rest when he attended the Pineapple Express premiere in Westwood, California.  Dressed in a Tom Ford heather grey and white pinstriped three-piece suit, he was perfection.  There was not an element from his ensemble out of place. Notice how his lavender pocket square delicately adds color to his suit?  Not to mention just the right amount of cuff peeking from his jacket's sleeve. Take a look at how his trousers are cuffed just right. Tom Ford Aviators complete the already perfect look.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Seize Your Collar

Owning a pair of collar stiffeners or stays is one of the chicest accessories a man can own next to cufflinks.  Collar stiffeners are made from a variety of materials like plastic, brass, sterling silver, and mother of pearl.  The problem with plastic stiffeners is that they are easily breakable and do not stabilize the collars points like sterling or steel stiffeners.  I recommend investing in a good pair.  Sterling stiffeners add a little weight to the collar that ensures they lay flat against the collarbone, making your collar crisp and motionless. When looking to invest in a pair of stiffeners you must make sure that the edges are rounded and polished so they will not damage your shirt.  

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus joined with Stayclip to provide collar stays to its clientele.  Stayclip provides 8 pairs of stiffeners made from brushed steel, titanium, and polished steel.  If mother of pearl is more you style, Seize sur Vingt makes a beautiful pair of stiffeners made from Australian mother of pearl, crafted in Italy.  The best part about these stiffeners is you will not have to worry about being detained at the airport because you have set off the metal detectors.   

Price:  $45 for Mother of Pearl

Price:  $25 for Brushed Steel
$65 for Titanium 
$27.50 for Polish Steel

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