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Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Wears Short Shorts?

In Europe it is acceptable for men to wear short shorts, as a matter of fact, it's expected. Some Americans beg to differ on this issue. A man will not make it down the street in short shorts without stares, snickering, and various insults hurled his way. People will stare as if you were wearing a La Perla laced thong over your jeans. How can some deem shorts the length of pedal pushers and longer acceptable? It defeats the purpose of wearing shorts long.

Cristiano Ronaldo was photographed wearing short shorts while on holiday in LA and bloggers had a field day with the images. Calling him everything from moron to idiot to fag. It's as if he had his bum hanging out the shorts. Stop being so sensitive! If Americans can tolerate Richard Simmons in horrific tired shorts give Cristiano some slack. Why does Cristiano get criticized for wearing short shorts and it becomes acceptable or appropriate for Kevin Ferderline to wear obnoxious baggy pedal pushers?

So my question is, how short is "fag short" and why do Americans get so uncomfortable when a man wears short shorts? Society acts as if it emasculates men if shorts are too short. When did the gays get the privilege of having their own length of shorts? Since marriage is not an option I presume we should own short length!

Images: The Sartorialist


designerman said...

hi ryan:

right on! i was just thinking of the same story! tired of baggy (cargo) shorts.

Ryan Mac said...

It is such a tired unflattering look isn't it. Thanks Richard

Ryan Mac

designerman said...

i call it the 'hootie and the blowfish' look. sick of it.

Ryan Mac said...

It is very 'hootie and the blowfish!' I find it nauseating!

Ryan Mac

yibram palacios said...

my shorts are shorter than all those...(!)...n_n

Ryan Mac said...

HI Yibram

The Shorter the better! I am all about short shorts. I found a great pair form American Apparel, they were navy cords.

we could grow up together said...

i can fall in love with any one of the above!

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