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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wash Away the Acid did a Trend Watch on the Acid Wash which was major in the 80's.  The trend watch was well written and the images look great. The Acid Wash is a trend that washed away in the 80's and seems to be resurfacing thanks label April 77.  This is a look from their fall/winter 08 collection.  I like this look minus the acidy denim. If you switch it with a raw denim straight or skinny fit, it would be more appealing.  Anyone beg to differ? The agony of acid wash! 

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Decotrash said...

Take a great dark denim,lay them in the tub. Gently pour bleach in the spots wear you want the light areas. Watch them go! It's a trial and error kind of thing to get the right lift you have to let them sit.Spray with cold water well before washing.The bad thing is the area you bleached gets weak and holes come sooner in those spots.If you avoid the dryer it will help.This look was huge with "skinhead types and hardcore kids " back in the day...I'm just sayin....PS... Black denim fades to an interesting shade of amber.Good luck! Love the blog!

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