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Monday, July 21, 2008

Til' Death Do Us Part

I hate weddings and I must attend one this weekend.  I'm sorry but it's the Gods honest truth and it's even worse when you have to participate in the wedding, thank goodness I swindled my way out of that one! It might be in bad taste to say but I couldn't resist.  What don't I like about them? Where shall I begin?  How about the garter- belt toss? No man ever wants to catch it and risk the possiblity of being condemned to marriage; perish the thought!  You must jump to the heavens, scuff your YSL oxfords in the process just to catch elastic and lace lingerie that the bride has been wearing all day.  Is that even sanitary?  I always manage to make a run for the restroom to avoid being part of this.  How about those poor women who run and catch the horribly arranged flower bouquet?  Poor things run to the ends of the earth, back into walls and nearly scratch each other's eyes out just for those horrendous flowers.

The enjoyable part of attending a wedding is deciding what to wear, naturally.  It's just another incentive to get dressed up, if no other reason.  I'm being cold I know!  Moving along, what is appropriate wedding attire for men?  Unfortunately we do not have many options.  we have to think outside the box a little.  I don't believe you have to wear a matching suit or a tie.  Mismatching suits are great when well executed.  I prefer a solid and pattern, like a pin stripe.  Choose solid heather gray pants and pair it with a white pinstriped charcoal gray blazer, white collared shirt and black or brown lace-ups.  Try mixing solids, like a black vest and navy cuffed pants for Lanvin fall/winter 08 inspired look.

If you opt to wear a same colored suit it's all about the accessories to set yourself apart.  Wear an evening scarf.  Like this Martin Margiela purple evening scarf.  The best part about this scarf is that is does not have to be reserved for special occasions and become your designated wedding accessory.  If you are wearing a navy suit pop in a navy and white mini polka dot pocket square for added pizzazz.  These accessories can be worn for any occasion.

Ryan Mac

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