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Monday, July 14, 2008

Splurge Item

Shoes tell a lot about a person . Ever hear the saying you can judge a man by his shoes? Or is that something else I made up? Moving along... I love shoes and I love these.  I was in YSL picking up a pair of shoes in April, I told you I love shoes, the sales clerk said these were debuting mid-summer. They are part of YSL's Pre-Fall Collection, I know it's hard to think about fall attire in this heat but start your fall shopping now because you just might not find your size come November.  If the silver is too flashy, they do come in white and black. They are awesome in every color! Happy Shopping!

Price: $390 (Silver)

1 comment:

designerman said...

those shoes are fantastic.

thanks for complimenting my sketch (the rolled pant one). it's so nice to get that kind of feedback.

as for rolled pants, i haven't seen anyone not look good with the look. it's one of those things...richard

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