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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raising Stakes with White Denim

Bob Dylan was photographed in the late sixties wearing the perfect pair of white denim jeans.  No one wore white denim better than Bob Dylan back in the sixties.  The jeans show just enough ankle without having to feel as if they were clam diggers.  He paired them with a pair of distressed leather loafers, a belted leather trench and white collared shirt.  The whole look is just perfection.  The proportions, the silhouette, the accessories! Have you noticed that he is carrying his brief case under his arm?  He makes it look cool!  When you look at this image of Bob Dylan walking where it seems to be an airport, you should automatically consider dressing better, especially in the airport.  This was no red carpet premiere or album signing, it was a life-style.  Make looking good something you do everyday,their is no better reason than for yourself.  He wears his outfit with ease, so effortless as if he was wearing pajamas.  Think beyond your favorite ripped jeans and flip flops.  Being well dressed shouldn't be a chore or reserved for holidays, weddings and job interviews.  So what if you are just going to the DMV.  Be the best dressed man amongst the sea of sweats and cargo pants!  


designerman said...

do you believe how good people looked back then? this must have been one of those 'leaving the airport' pics.

and that was dylan, for christ sakes! mr. unconventional. and he made such an effort to look cool.

i love your taste. a pleasure to read your blog.

William said...

If you were any nearer, I could have had you check my clothes/outfit if I'm going to some inmportant gathering. LOL Nice blog you have; will surely read. Keep it coming.

Ryan Mac said...

Thank your everyone for your comments!

brad said...

Well said.

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