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Friday, July 25, 2008

"No More Wire Hangers"

What your clothes hang on is just as important as the clothes themselves.  Just ask Joan Crawford.  Whether it's a vintage Helmut Lang or a Club Monaco button down, it's still important.  I despise opening a closet to see plastic and wire hangers.  It's so not chic and have always felt like Joan Crawford is going to pop out and loose her mind.  Remember when Faye Dunaway played chic obsessive-compulsive Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest and watching her scream, "No more wire hangers."  Classic!  But who can blame her?  A wire hanger on Ms. Crawford's Oscar de la Renta, oh the blasphemy!  Wire hangers do not look as chic as wooden ones.  They cheapen the look of your closet opposed to wooden hangers, which instantly elevate the look of your closet.  They do not have to be uber expensive either.  Ikea sells an 8 pack for under $5, which is a steal! It does not matter if Helmut Lang hangs in your closet or not.  Substitute those wire hangers for wooden pairs and you will not give Joan Crawford a reason to give you a few wire lashings.  According to her it's reason enough and reason justified! 

8 Pack $3.95

Ryan Mac


Dapper Kid said...

SO true, my mother always says that wire hangers are only for breaking into cars!

Ryan said...

You mother is very wise!

oldoldfashioned said...

aha, i was also just about to write "SO true", but see that DK already has! my wardrobe is packed with lovely wooden hangers that i conveniently adopted from my mother's wardrobe, and my clothes hang so much more beautifully on them, it's true!

Ryan Mac said...

Don't they hang so much better? Wooden hanger don't alter the shape of your clothes like horrible wire hangers. Wire hangers did this weird shape to some of my necklines.


Ryan Mac

Ms Dior Cherie said...

Wooden Hangers definitely bring up the value of my clothing in my closet.

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