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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Burberry Prorsum Gets it Right!

In today's recession it is almost impossible to justify paying hundreds of dollars on pieces you can pick up at high street retailers.   Of course, that is prior to looking at the fall 08 Burberry Prorsum collection, which is by far Christopher Bailey's best, you are tempted to re-budget.  At least I did when I saw this collection.  How could you resist?

Bailey brightens his Sixties-inspired fall collection by playing with colors like moss green, burgundy and faded purple.  Yet giving us a palette of colors we all want and expect from fall.  Such as, charcoal gray's, chocolate brown's that would make Godiva sick with envy, and the perfect taupe.  He added texture to sweaters by giving them plumage; the colors resembled those of a peacock.  Bailey showed you how to make a mismatched suit work and how a touch of color can go a long way.  The silhouette of the trousers and sharply tailored jackets were effortless.  The detailing on cardigans were exquisite yet masculine.  The coats in shades of caramel were good enough to make you salivate as if you tasted one of Werther's Caramel treats.  Burberry's first attempt at a luggage collection hit the nail on the head; just take a look at the hold all.

If you were given a clothing allowance and were instructed to shop one collection, this would be the one.  These are my favorite looks from the fall 08 collection.  I cannot wait till I get my hands on those fingerless gloves and trousers!

Ryan Mac


Anonymous said...

The Burberry collection is great.

The bag? It's a frickin' fag bag. Any guy who totes around that bag is too gay for moi.

You're a funny guy though - love your posts!

designerman said...

love that first burberry jacket. i mean really, really love. it's a great collection...


richard aka designerman

Ryan Mac said...

This Burberry collection was one of my favs for fall 08

tsad said...

Favs: Open tip Gloves, Plumness, Burgundy, Moss, Wheat. Its all so hot, including the bag. (What animal?)

Personally, I dont agree with the cut of the pant. The silhouette is really Scooby Doo's Shaggy character, which is okay if you like bell bottoms, and have toned slim thighs.

Ryan Mac said...

tsad i love your analogy regarding the Scooby Doo trousers a la Shaggy! This collection is very Sixties. I like the silhouette of the trousers because they are not too skinny and not a dreaded bootcut.

The bag i believe is alligator.

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