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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Celebrity Brands

Usher hinted to WWD about designing lingerie, eyewear, and accessories.  I have had about enough with the celebrity fashion lines.  Fragrances I can somewhat tolerate. I definitely would not want to smell like Usher, Antonio Banderas or Diddy. I prefer Chanel Egoiste, it never does me wrong.  I don't think I have ever bought a Usher album nevertheless a fragrance and I definitely will not purchase any "fashion" from him.  Shouldn't you be known for style and fashion before you debut a line of clothing?  It feels like WWD is reporting about another tired fashion line by a celebrity everyday.  I get nauseous every time I hear about a new line.  I can only imagine how many times reporters have hurled in there cubicles when they report about a new line.  Do not even get me started on the fashion lines by "The Hills" girls. Imagine if that evil tool Spencer Pratt decided to debut a line. Could you die?  UGH is all I have to say.   

Ryan Mac  

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flip Flops

Flip flops go on my list as things you should not wear in public unless you are going to the beach or walking your dog. Glenn O' Brien made a statement in GQ's August issue that reads, "But seriously, folks, flip flops are for the beach or maybe washing the car or spaniel. They are not the next big thing. They are the last sad thing on the road to stylistic surrender." Some readers at had an issue with that statement. Of course they were flip flop wearers. They are probably that same people that wear Juicy Couture sweatpants and UGG's as if they are some sort of fashion revolution. Blech! You guys might beg to differ but to me flip flops read, "I was too lazy to make an effort today so I flip flopped into these Haviana's." Why have Americans become so lax? Lose the Haviana flip flops and throw on a loafer or boat shoe. It is not that much work. Someone made a comment about them being so comfortable and what else can you wear in the rain or extreme heat. Flip flops are not even that comfortable and I almost lost a flip flip in heavy rain a few years back. When was the last time you said to yourself, "Wow, look at how well dressed he or she is in those flip flops." Probably never! Am I the only person that feels this way? I can't be the only one!

Ryan Mac

Off to the MET

I am off to the MET to see the Superheros Exhibition.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tim Hamilton Sale

American designer and Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) nominee Tim Hamilton is having a sale on Tuesday, July 29 at 12 noon. has great sales and Tim Hamilton is an excellent American designer with his own unique takes on American classics.  If anyone is not registered I will email you an invite.

Also look forward to these sales this week:
Jack Spade Bag Sale 7/30
Trovata Sale 7/31

Happy Shopping!
Ryan Mac

Who Wears Short Shorts?

In Europe it is acceptable for men to wear short shorts, as a matter of fact, it's expected. Some Americans beg to differ on this issue. A man will not make it down the street in short shorts without stares, snickering, and various insults hurled his way. People will stare as if you were wearing a La Perla laced thong over your jeans. How can some deem shorts the length of pedal pushers and longer acceptable? It defeats the purpose of wearing shorts long.

Cristiano Ronaldo was photographed wearing short shorts while on holiday in LA and bloggers had a field day with the images. Calling him everything from moron to idiot to fag. It's as if he had his bum hanging out the shorts. Stop being so sensitive! If Americans can tolerate Richard Simmons in horrific tired shorts give Cristiano some slack. Why does Cristiano get criticized for wearing short shorts and it becomes acceptable or appropriate for Kevin Ferderline to wear obnoxious baggy pedal pushers?

So my question is, how short is "fag short" and why do Americans get so uncomfortable when a man wears short shorts? Society acts as if it emasculates men if shorts are too short. When did the gays get the privilege of having their own length of shorts? Since marriage is not an option I presume we should own short length!

Images: The Sartorialist

Friday, July 25, 2008

"No More Wire Hangers"

What your clothes hang on is just as important as the clothes themselves.  Just ask Joan Crawford.  Whether it's a vintage Helmut Lang or a Club Monaco button down, it's still important.  I despise opening a closet to see plastic and wire hangers.  It's so not chic and have always felt like Joan Crawford is going to pop out and loose her mind.  Remember when Faye Dunaway played chic obsessive-compulsive Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest and watching her scream, "No more wire hangers."  Classic!  But who can blame her?  A wire hanger on Ms. Crawford's Oscar de la Renta, oh the blasphemy!  Wire hangers do not look as chic as wooden ones.  They cheapen the look of your closet opposed to wooden hangers, which instantly elevate the look of your closet.  They do not have to be uber expensive either.  Ikea sells an 8 pack for under $5, which is a steal! It does not matter if Helmut Lang hangs in your closet or not.  Substitute those wire hangers for wooden pairs and you will not give Joan Crawford a reason to give you a few wire lashings.  According to her it's reason enough and reason justified! 

8 Pack $3.95

Ryan Mac

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Burberry Prorsum Gets it Right!

In today's recession it is almost impossible to justify paying hundreds of dollars on pieces you can pick up at high street retailers.   Of course, that is prior to looking at the fall 08 Burberry Prorsum collection, which is by far Christopher Bailey's best, you are tempted to re-budget.  At least I did when I saw this collection.  How could you resist?

Bailey brightens his Sixties-inspired fall collection by playing with colors like moss green, burgundy and faded purple.  Yet giving us a palette of colors we all want and expect from fall.  Such as, charcoal gray's, chocolate brown's that would make Godiva sick with envy, and the perfect taupe.  He added texture to sweaters by giving them plumage; the colors resembled those of a peacock.  Bailey showed you how to make a mismatched suit work and how a touch of color can go a long way.  The silhouette of the trousers and sharply tailored jackets were effortless.  The detailing on cardigans were exquisite yet masculine.  The coats in shades of caramel were good enough to make you salivate as if you tasted one of Werther's Caramel treats.  Burberry's first attempt at a luggage collection hit the nail on the head; just take a look at the hold all.

If you were given a clothing allowance and were instructed to shop one collection, this would be the one.  These are my favorite looks from the fall 08 collection.  I cannot wait till I get my hands on those fingerless gloves and trousers!

Ryan Mac

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Runway to Closets

The clothing for Kris Van Assche first runway presentation for Dior Homme was dark and mysterious.  Holding court at Les Invalides, the burial site of Napoleon Bonaparte, added to the darkness of the collection.  Choosing a consistently dark palette of black and sparsely using dark reds and greens for touches of color.  Trousers clung to the like leggings for a a close-fitting silhouette paired with form fitting jackets.  The multi-pleated harem pants, a la MC Hammer, that he debuted for his first collection for Dior Homme were back for fall.  Whether you gasp in awe or in fright of those pants, Van Assche is standing by his point of view.  Van Assche opted from the Peter Pan like collars from spring/summer and debuted a high-collar shirt in black, dark green and dark red.

The dark green high-collar shirt that has hit retailers.  ELuxuruy is the online retailer that has this runway item available.  Naturally, since LVMH owns both Dior Homme and  Van Assche chose a rich green, although dark, will pair perfecting under a tailored black suit and will give you just enough color.  

Price:  $570

Ryan Mac

Monday, July 21, 2008

Til' Death Do Us Part

I hate weddings and I must attend one this weekend.  I'm sorry but it's the Gods honest truth and it's even worse when you have to participate in the wedding, thank goodness I swindled my way out of that one! It might be in bad taste to say but I couldn't resist.  What don't I like about them? Where shall I begin?  How about the garter- belt toss? No man ever wants to catch it and risk the possiblity of being condemned to marriage; perish the thought!  You must jump to the heavens, scuff your YSL oxfords in the process just to catch elastic and lace lingerie that the bride has been wearing all day.  Is that even sanitary?  I always manage to make a run for the restroom to avoid being part of this.  How about those poor women who run and catch the horribly arranged flower bouquet?  Poor things run to the ends of the earth, back into walls and nearly scratch each other's eyes out just for those horrendous flowers.

The enjoyable part of attending a wedding is deciding what to wear, naturally.  It's just another incentive to get dressed up, if no other reason.  I'm being cold I know!  Moving along, what is appropriate wedding attire for men?  Unfortunately we do not have many options.  we have to think outside the box a little.  I don't believe you have to wear a matching suit or a tie.  Mismatching suits are great when well executed.  I prefer a solid and pattern, like a pin stripe.  Choose solid heather gray pants and pair it with a white pinstriped charcoal gray blazer, white collared shirt and black or brown lace-ups.  Try mixing solids, like a black vest and navy cuffed pants for Lanvin fall/winter 08 inspired look.

If you opt to wear a same colored suit it's all about the accessories to set yourself apart.  Wear an evening scarf.  Like this Martin Margiela purple evening scarf.  The best part about this scarf is that is does not have to be reserved for special occasions and become your designated wedding accessory.  If you are wearing a navy suit pop in a navy and white mini polka dot pocket square for added pizzazz.  These accessories can be worn for any occasion.

Ryan Mac

Friday, July 18, 2008

Brighten Me Up

A friend of mine gave me some grooming products as she normally does with birthdays and holidays.  She knows along with shoes, grooming products are another obsession of mine.  You must keep your skin looking just as fresh as your new Gucci lace-ups.  The basket consisted of a facial cleanser with a face and body scrub.  This was the first time I had tried the facial polisher from Origins "Never A Dull Moment" line. What does it do you ask?  It's all in the name.  It brightens your skin.

It is mid-summer and I know some you have been to the beach during your weekends off.  Constantly tanning over a tan without exfoliating can give your skin a lackluster appearance.  So you should exfoliate to wash off those dead skin cells.  Today, I bring you a skin polisher from the "Never A Dull Moment" line.  It has finely ground Apricot and Mango seeds with Papaya extract that aide in dissolving lusterless skin cells.  The best part is it works well with all skin types.  I have gone back a few times to repurchase the skin polisher, I like it that much.  This will keep your skin looking fresh, bright, youthful and won't break the bank. 

Price:  $23.50
Net Weight: 4.4 oz./125 g.

Ryan Mac

Yigal Keeps You Warm

Yigal Azrouel is one of my favorite American menswear designers. His menswear collection is wearable, cool, and unique.  He uses great fabrics and his cashmere is to die for.  Which is why I was excited to see his Fall/Winter 08 Collection.  

The weather was atrocious that day!  I'm talking torrential monsoon-like rain and was furious that I would get to the show drenched and smelling like a wet puppy.   There is nothing chic about that!  I haul into the Chelsea venue, drenched and wait to get seated. 

Midway through the show my attention is diverted from my wet Dior jeans and into the collection.  As usual I was not disappointed and it was all worth getting a little wet for.  Everything you want to see for fall was there, the knits, the scarves, the footwear, all great.  If you want pieces that are unique without looking like a horribly styled fashion victim, shop this collection.  One of my favorite pieces was this navy wool coat with the most fabulous stiff collar.  I love navy its such a rich, powerful, strong color.  The length of the coat was perfection, hitting above mid-thigh.  Definitely worth being put on a wish list.  

Unfortunately, it is not available online as they are selling Spring/Summer 08 but it is available at Yigal's Meatpacking District boutique.  

408 W. 14th St.

Ryan Mac

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mamma Mia Pierce is Sharp

Pierce Bronson looks very sharp at the New York premiere of his latest film Mamma Mia. Pocket squares are a great way to elevate your suit or blazer.  It adds character to your look. Pierce's choice of a lilac pocket square, is a great one.  A little color goes along way.  His elegant cap toe lace-ups are an excellent choice for his suit.


Italian label Malo known for their soft, refined, long lasting cashmere knitwear is having a sale on If you are not registered, hurry up sale ends July 19th.  This is a great way to get luxury items in your closet without having to pay $875 price tag for a black cashmere v-neck sweater. Happy Shopping!

Ryan Mac

Acquascutum Ads F/W 08

John Emary opened up his first luxury menswear shop in 1851 and succeeded in developing and patented the first waterproof cloth in 1853.  Shortly after he changed the name of his company to Aquascutum, which means water-shield in Latin.

Fast forward to 2008, Aquascutum released its fall/winter 08 ad campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti and featuring Brazilian bombshell Giselle Bundchen and Maire-Antoinette actor Jamie Dornan.

The ads are beautiful.  I love the chemistry between Jamie and Giselle, eat your heart out Mr. Brady.  Nothing is better than a well-tailored grey suit and the suit Jamie is wearing is perfection. A grey suit is the most versatile suit you can own it works with brown and black shoes.  The black trench Jamie is wearing as he descends the escalator is very rich looking.

Raising Stakes with White Denim

Bob Dylan was photographed in the late sixties wearing the perfect pair of white denim jeans.  No one wore white denim better than Bob Dylan back in the sixties.  The jeans show just enough ankle without having to feel as if they were clam diggers.  He paired them with a pair of distressed leather loafers, a belted leather trench and white collared shirt.  The whole look is just perfection.  The proportions, the silhouette, the accessories! Have you noticed that he is carrying his brief case under his arm?  He makes it look cool!  When you look at this image of Bob Dylan walking where it seems to be an airport, you should automatically consider dressing better, especially in the airport.  This was no red carpet premiere or album signing, it was a life-style.  Make looking good something you do everyday,their is no better reason than for yourself.  He wears his outfit with ease, so effortless as if he was wearing pajamas.  Think beyond your favorite ripped jeans and flip flops.  Being well dressed shouldn't be a chore or reserved for holidays, weddings and job interviews.  So what if you are just going to the DMV.  Be the best dressed man amongst the sea of sweats and cargo pants!  

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wash Away the Acid did a Trend Watch on the Acid Wash which was major in the 80's.  The trend watch was well written and the images look great. The Acid Wash is a trend that washed away in the 80's and seems to be resurfacing thanks label April 77.  This is a look from their fall/winter 08 collection.  I like this look minus the acidy denim. If you switch it with a raw denim straight or skinny fit, it would be more appealing.  Anyone beg to differ? The agony of acid wash! 


Eluxury is having a Spring/Summer Clearance Sale. I am a cardigan fiend I have them in a few colors.  This cardigan is from Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Happy Shopping. 

Original Price:  $228
Sale Price:  $159

Look of the Day is Tucked and Crutched

This is a great follow up from my last post.  The gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo was photographed leaving STK restaurant in LA yesterday in crutches.  I have never seen someone look as good in crutches ever! His shirt tucked and fit him to perfection, as well as his blazer. He did the opposite of what every guy in my last post did. Do you see the difference? Their is a method to my madness!

Ryan Mac

To Tuck or Untuck That Is The Question

I came across a few images of untucked shirts on and off the red carpet. Untucked shirts just look sloppy especially if they are worn with pants (i.e Chance Crawford & Chris Evans.) Does that apply to denim? I think so. Whether I'm wearing skinnies or pants my collard shirts are always tucked. If your shirt is not close to the body (i.e Wentworth Miller) and it is untucked it makes your frame look like a box and you will look like you have caught SpongeBob Syndrome. Who wants to look like that? Not I!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NYC Sample Sales

For everyone that lives in the Tri-State Area and Acne Denim aficionados.  Acne is having a sample sale with items going on sale 50 to 70 percent off. Happy Shopping!

Date& Time: 7/22 1-8; 7/23 and 7/24 10-8
Where:  124 W.18th St, near 7th Ave
Contact:  212.388.0339

Ryan Mac

Pet Peeves

Can someone please help me understand as to why some individuals walk about with socks and house slippers on?  I see this so often and it just irks me beyond belief! Someone help me grasp this concept.  The whole point of wearing slippers is to not have your feet covered, no? So why cover them with socks? 

Monday, July 14, 2008

Splurge Item

Shoes tell a lot about a person . Ever hear the saying you can judge a man by his shoes? Or is that something else I made up? Moving along... I love shoes and I love these.  I was in YSL picking up a pair of shoes in April, I told you I love shoes, the sales clerk said these were debuting mid-summer. They are part of YSL's Pre-Fall Collection, I know it's hard to think about fall attire in this heat but start your fall shopping now because you just might not find your size come November.  If the silver is too flashy, they do come in white and black. They are awesome in every color! Happy Shopping!

Price: $390 (Silver)

Call The Rescue Team

Do you remember the last time you had a night out and had to peel your hung over eyes open in the morning? Maybe this morning? Horrible I know, been there! Nickel has this product call Morning After Rescue Gel; it gives your eyes the needed jolt, so you don't have to look how you feel, hung-over. The caffeine wakes your eyes up whilst the soy protein and unroasted coffee adds softness, radiance, and tightens. Some mornings we all need a little extra lift! I have been using this product for a few years now and I love it. It's been said Diddy uses it as well. Go figure! Just keep in mind, a little dab is all you need! The Menthol can make you tear if you use too much. Then you will have another problem on your hands! I've been there too!

Price: $40 for 2.6oz
Call: 212.242.3203

Look Of The Day

Here is an image of Josh Hartnett at the Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men luncheon.  If you have been out of the loop he is the face of the new fragrance.  I love the way a brown shoe and grey suit or pant look together.  In my opinion it ups the style anti! He could have easily worn a black shoe but it would have looked so common.  I like that the Emporio emblem on the sweater is subtle and not obnoxiously large. Logos all over clothing are so over!

Ryan Mac
Click here to purchase EA Diamonds

If you have yet to see the ads shot by the legendary Mario Testino here you go!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Shop for a Cause

Ralph Lauren Rugby has launched its first ever social cause with Lauren Bush.  At least one of the Bush's are trying to do something right!  The Rugby Feed Bags are available at all Rugby stores for $59 with $20 of the proceeds going to United Nation's World Food Program. Go to for more information and to read the Lauren Bush Q & A.

Ryan Mac

ADAM... Polo

A simple polo without stripes and logos can be hard to find.  Some polo's do not wear well; they stretch and make you look like SpongeBob Squarepants after a wash.  Try Adam's Pique Tennis Polo, this polo comes in six different colors and the grosgrain detailing on the color gives it its tennis feel.  The polo's pima cotton and hint of Lycra adds softness and shape.  It's a light feeling polo, which makes it great for 85-degree weather.  This polo will look great with your favorite jean or pant.  Pair it with driving moccasins and a blazer or old school classic, Samoa's for a more casual feel.  Happy Shopping!

Ryan Mac

Price:  $80
Where to Buy:  Shop ADAM or 212.229.2838

It's All About the Cutoff

I have been seeing cutoff's a lot lately and The New York Times have captured the cutoff in a perfectly styled editorial. Take a look at the beautiful Herringbone Blazer in Look 2 it's on sale at Ralph Lauren.  This is a perfect look for brunch-time Mimosas with friends.

Ryan Mac

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ralph Lauren Black Label Men's Sample Sale on is having a Men's Sample Sale on Ralph Lauren Black Label next Tuesday, July 15th on Noon. The Alejandro Ingelmo Sale starts at Noon! Happy Shopping!

Ryan Mac

All Shades of Wrong!

Here is an image of Justin Timberlake at the Givenchy presentation during the Paris men's shows. He looks great from the waist up! That's a sick blazer but what's the deal with those dirty WWII boots? Because I just don't get it!

Splurge Item

These Lanvin high tops are one of the best looking high tops around. They are available in a few different colors and can be all yours for $700! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gabriel Aubry Casual & Clean

Earlier this week, Gabriel Aubry and the stunning Halle Berry attended the Hollywood Bowl for the Stevie Wonder concert in Los Angelos.  Gabriel's outfit is effortlessly neat and clean.  The navy blazer over the Calvin Klein tank polishes his look.

Ryan Mac

Dominic Cooper is GQ has put out a nine-page fall preview featuring handsome Brit actor and Mamma Mia star, Dominic Cooper.  If you haven't seen images of Dominic promoting his latest film he has great personal style.  If he ever decides that he is over acting there is always modeling. 
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